Friday, 13 April 2018

Dustless Sanding and Refinishing

Many homeowners put off refinishing their hardwood floors, simply due to the simple fact they don't want to deal with the mess that follows a traditional full sanding and refinishing. And who could blame them?! Dealing with the residual dust which settles following the floors are finished, sounds like an unwanted headache to many clients- especially the ones that are living in their property.

Dustless floor refinishing is not to be mistaken with sandless flooring refinishing. In fact, sandless floor refinishing isn't exactly sandless either, but we will touch on this in another post!

Our dustless system is an added feature once we do both complete sanding and refinishing or screening and recoating. We utilize our dustless system throughout the whole process of your job- not just during the sanding process.

Dustless flooring refinishing REDUCES the amount of dust generated during a sanding and
refinishing but the procedure is not entirely DUST FREE. Employing the dustless methods drastically lowers the amount of dust by roughly 90%. Here at  Lambeth Floor Sanding we find it imperative to contain that dust for many reasons aside from just the cleanliness factor (although that's high on the standing list)

We constantly use our dustless system if we sand and refinish to our clients; they do not even have to ask for this as a specialization line thing. That is exactly what sets us apart.

Our main reason why we ALWAYS use our dustless system is because we respect and handle every house like our own. It's important for us to make sure we leave your house in pristine condition.