Friday, 15 May 2020


What Colors to Use in a Room with Gray Hardwood Floors

If you're looking to add a mixture of warmth, relaxation and a high-quality aesthetic to your home/office environment, grey hardwood flooring is going to do a great job. From blot intensity to colour variations, gray colour on wood floors does not just bring a rare combination of black and white but also supplies you with a broader array of alternatives.

Most interior designers use gray color to create varying visual effects as well as atmospheres. When coupled with different neutral colors, it may also be used to make a peaceful effect making your house feel comfortable and friendly.

Whether you're planning to remodel a formal room or a modern inside, grey is a fantastic bet. But to get the look you intensely desire, you must be in a position to decide on a color combination that will make your gray hardwood floor appealing.

Red for Delight

Adding crimson into the mix combines excitement and play that works better to remove loneliness. It's a better option for modern in addition to minimalist interiors. As an example, you may add a sheet of red furniture like a one or two seater for your living space.

Green for comfort and relaxation

If you're planning to create your rustic-styled interior seem more relaxing, then you may go with a green shade. When it's your bedroom, pay your mattress with a duvet that is green.

Yellow highlights for Pleasure

An addition of yellow to gray wood floors produces a bright feeling essential for minimalist interiors simply because it represents the sun. You can drop some tips on your bed like a green cushion or a small cover on top of a sheet. You might also add a green or two seater in addition to your hardwood flooring to produce your living room look lively.

Blue highlights
Blue is known to be a cool colour, more, stylish and elegant compared to other bright colors such as red. Adding blue to your gray hardwood flooring does not just improve the grey colour but also makes your space feel light and airy. You are able to make your hardwood floors seem far better by installing a couple of blue shelves on the walls of your living room, a few blue Antiques in your corridor walls and more.

Mint green highlights

Another uncommon but a fascinating combination which works well for hardwood floors in minimalistic or modern interiors is mint green on grey hardwood flooring. Just like mint, blue green makes grey wood floors look cooler than every other colour. A good example is coral accents and ceiling beams. You could even enhance the appearance of your hardwood floors by adding a table surrounded by mint green seats and more.
Other surprising mixes

  • White walls on gray hardwood floors -- This combination allows you to bring a colour of your own liking if, red, green or pink.
  • Pale pink walls and grey hardwood flooring -- You can add a pale pink color to your walls to create a exceptional contrast in addition to make your home more welcoming.
  • White on gray wood floors -- Insert some white highlights into your gray hardwood flooring. For example, you may add white chairs around your dining table.
  • The classic mix of black, white and grey -- You just need some few highlights such as white seats round a black table, a white classic in addition to a black counter or a TV stand.

Making your home look attractive begins with how you style your flooring. Gray hardwood floors is only a little hint. Detecting a colour that will work flawlessly fit your grey wood floor seals the bargain. Everything you have to do is, use the way to accomplish the best outcomes.

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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Is Wood Worktop Safe For Food?

In deciding whether wood worktops are safe for food, there are two things that ought to be considered. The first is that the end on the wood itself and the second is that the cleaning and maintenance regime which you put in place.

Prior to fitting, so as to make wooden worktops resistant to stains, then they will need to be treated with a protective oil. When deciding upon an oil for your worktops, if you want to prepare food right on the worktop surface, it is vital that you opt for a food-safe oil.

Using a bit of study, you will have the ability to track down official guidelines about the suitability of any product that you want to use together with food preparation. It is really important that you execute appropriate toxicity research prior to applying any petroleum to your worktop when you plan to prepare meals right on the worktop. Nevertheless, as soon as you have completed this research, if you are still in any doubt at all about the suitability of this oil, you should consult your worktop provider that will be able to guide you.

One important issue to bear in mind while oiling your worktop isn't to use olive oil or coconut oil to take care of your wooden worktop. Treating your worktop with these oils is is not a good idea if you're wanting to use your worktop right for food prep. The reason for this is that these oils efficiently"rot" from the wood and cause a build up of bacteria, possibly producing your worktop dangerous for food preparation.

If it comes to routine maintenance and cleanup of your worktop to make it safe for food prep, a frequently oiled (treated with food-safe oil) wood worktop is as simple to wash and maintain as any other worktop. All you need to do is be sure you mop up any spills which occur and may cause bacterial build up. Thereafter, a regular wipe down with a mild detergent will keep your worktop clean and safe.

All that said, if you are using your timber worktop for direct food prep, you want to be really careful not to accidentally damage the surface with knives or other sharp objects.