Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Is Wood Worktop Safe For Food?

In deciding whether wood worktops are safe for food, there are two things that ought to be considered. The first is that the end on the wood itself and the second is that the cleaning and maintenance regime which you put in place.

Prior to fitting, so as to make wooden worktops resistant to stains, then they will need to be treated with a protective oil. When deciding upon an oil for your worktops, if you want to prepare food right on the worktop surface, it is vital that you opt for a food-safe oil.

Using a bit of study, you will have the ability to track down official guidelines about the suitability of any product that you want to use together with food preparation. It is really important that you execute appropriate toxicity research prior to applying any petroleum to your worktop when you plan to prepare meals right on the worktop. Nevertheless, as soon as you have completed this research, if you are still in any doubt at all about the suitability of this oil, you should consult your worktop provider that will be able to guide you.

One important issue to bear in mind while oiling your worktop isn't to use olive oil or coconut oil to take care of your wooden worktop. Treating your worktop with these oils is is not a good idea if you're wanting to use your worktop right for food prep. The reason for this is that these oils efficiently"rot" from the wood and cause a build up of bacteria, possibly producing your worktop dangerous for food preparation.

If it comes to routine maintenance and cleanup of your worktop to make it safe for food prep, a frequently oiled (treated with food-safe oil) wood worktop is as simple to wash and maintain as any other worktop. All you need to do is be sure you mop up any spills which occur and may cause bacterial build up. Thereafter, a regular wipe down with a mild detergent will keep your worktop clean and safe.

All that said, if you are using your timber worktop for direct food prep, you want to be really careful not to accidentally damage the surface with knives or other sharp objects.

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